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Purpose defines the why,

and values define the how

For a vehicle to do its job, it needs both an engine for power and a steering system so it can be guided. An organization is no different: its purpose is the engine that propels it forward, and its values are the steering system by which it is guided.

Purpose defines why you do what you do, and values define how you act in service of that purpose.

Values are a key component of a healthy workplace culture because they clarify how your organization and its staff should behave. They provide the framework within which you can test decisions, accomplish tasks, and interact with others.

discover our values..

Customers are the reason why we exist. We all face customers, even when we work in departments like HR, Finance and Purchasing. HR's customers are the people we employ and purchasing serves the teams who need their help and our suppliers. We exist because of these customers and we have a guiding principle on how to deal with them. 

According to our value, CUSTOMER CENTRICITY,  we need to keep our customers top of mind. This means that our top priority is our customers. When there is a guest, that guest is the priority. Between your smart phone and the guest we choose the guest. Between talking to our team mate and serving the guest, we serve the guest. 

If everyone consistently does this, our guests will stay and hopefully refer us to their friends and family. Same for HR, our employees will stay and recommend us to their friends as a great place to work. 

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